1. in case u need an ecksplanashun of our nu title drawing!!!!1!11

  2. #MTVhereIcome


  3. I got this message on my personal blog, but I will answer it here.

    In response to your question, anon, we still haven’t figured out what comics we can make out of the latest episode. All the slightly comedic/funny things are under the shadow of Anna’s rape scene. Rape is a pretty tricky topic. How awful would it be if we made fun of it? It would be extremely inappropriate for us, a comedic blog, to poke fun about a serious matter like that. So we WILL NOT be making any funny comics about Anna’s scene, nor do we want to. Thanks for understanding. 

    -Emilie and Maya 


  5. mymy-cherrypie:

    made by moi

    thank you!! 

  6. Series four fireworks

    drew this in honor of me finally watching the 1st episode!

  7. If Julian Fellowes was on Arrested Development.

    sorry it’s not a paint but this is too funny…

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  8. Britain has produced so many great people like Queen, the Queen, Tom and Benedict, Ed Sheeran, Sir Conan Doyle… and then you get that one black sheep *cough cough* dan stevens *cough*



    Yes, it’s true. Have a funny comic/picture to submit to our blog? CLICK HERE

    We’ll publish anything you guys submit unless it’s offensive to squirrels or something idk

  10. Sgt. Barrow’s Lonely Hearts Club Band